189 Creating Success In An ADHD World With Alina Kislenko



189 Creating Success In An ADHD World With Alina Kislenko


Alina Kislenko is a psychotherapist specializing in ADHD & Asperger’s, who has both, retired at 30, runs a treatment center with her partner, started a not for profit around video courses, and created an app to help people process trauma and reverse PTSD.

Alina didn’t have the typical entrepreneurial path.  After completing her undergrad in psychology she was unable to find a job in the mental health sector so she began a support group for people with ADHD.  It wasn’t long before she began taking on clients and going back to school for her master’s degree.

As she was diagnosed with Aspbergers she began helping individuals learn how to interact with main stream society.  One of the signs that someone might have Aspbergers is a tendency for non-conformity.  While it can be hard for someone with the condition to an entrepreneur, they are often amazing at supporting someone who is because of their inherent traits to think differently.

One of her keys to success is outsourcing the parts of her life that she doesn’t enjoy.  Cleaning is one of them!  It is much more efficient to hire people to do things that they enjoy, which they will often do faster and better than you can on a normal basis.  An easy way to determine areas of your life to outsource is to make a list of all of your strengths and weaknesses.  Everything that is a weakness in life should be outsourced at the first possible opportunity.

The One Thing Alina recommends is finding a partner that accepts your brain and the rest of you for who you are and loves you for it.

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