Gala & Godfrey

Love is like an old LP: the hits aren’t that good and the B-side is more interesting. Emulating an old vinyl record, this witty and irresistible film is made of short, episodic visual “tracks.” They chart the hurricane-force rise, fall, and chaotic aftermath of the marriage of Godfrey, a cocky Brit who sings lead in a rock band, and Gala, a perky American who wants love and stability. What begins as a fairy-tale romance between opposites soon becomes a showdown between warring kingdoms. But divorce is only the beginning. Mixing squirm-in-your-seat humor with palpable sexual tension, this film follows the storm-trail of raising a daughter, auditioning new lovers, and loudly proclaiming their intense hatred for each other. All while trying to convince themselves their love is really dead. GALA & GODFREY is a savagely funny and (seriously) tender Greatest Hits (and Misses) that gives us a love affair as nicked, scratched, and warbled as that old album you’ve had for years.

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