(Part 7) “Getting Things Done” in ADHD Relationships, with Gina Pera



“You, Me, and Adult ADHD”: a Keynote Presentation with ADHD Expert Gina Pera

This 9-part series comes from the the 2009 CADDAC conference in Toronto. Dr. Russell Barkley was the other keynote speaker.

You can watch sequentially or out of order—but sequentially probably works best.

Each excerpt is numbered below.

Throughout the presentation, I explain how Adult ADHD, when left unrecognized, can create havoc on intimate relationships and one’s relationship with oneself. Then I detail 5 Strategies for Change.

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(Part 1) Introduction: An overview of Adult ADHD, including the “emotional baggage”—in the form of poor coping strategies—that can complicate the lives of late-diagnosis adults with ADHD.

(Part 2) How does poorly managed Adult ADHD affect intimate relationships? The partners tend to develop their own poor coping strategies.

(Part 3) Five Strategies for Change: Each partner plays a role in improving ADHD-challenged relationships.

(Part 4) Top 10 Problems in ADHD Relationships—and Solutions: Overview

(Part 5) Solving Communication Problems in ADHD Relationships

(Part 6) Improving Time Management in ADHD relationships

(Part 7) THIS VIDEO Improving Task-Completion Strategies in ADHD relationships

(Part 8) Working Together to Curb Impulsivity in ADHD relationships

(Part 9) Tips for Eliminating Clutter: Working Together in ADHD relationships

For more information on CADDAC (the Canadian non-profit devoted to ADHD education and awareness): http://www.caddac.ca/

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