advanced Italian – il senno DEL POI

This is an Italian lesson for advanced learners of Italian. In this video, we will learn a very useful Italian expression: IL SENNO DEL POI. This lesson is entirely in Italian. See below for details.

This video is part of our Youtube course to learn *ADVANCED* Italian, which is structured as a playlist. You can find our playlist here:

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Our videos are for learners who are NOT native speakers of Italian and are learning Italian as a foreign language. This course is for advanced learners who have already studied Italian for a while and want to improve their Italian. By advanced learners of Italian we mean a proficiency level anywhere from B2 to C2 according to the European framework. Our videos are entirely in Italian and are a great Italian listening exercise for those learners of Italian who are already able to understand fluent Italian speech.
Watching these videos, learners of Italian can expand their vocabulary and – in general – boost their Italian level. In these advanced Italian lessons we cover a wide variety of topics. In each video, we discuss a different aspect of Italian language, including – but not limited to – Italian idioms, Italian lexicon, how to expand Italian vocabulary, Italian grammar, conversational Italian, Italian slang, Italian proverbs, Italian ways of saying, most common mistakes in Italian, Italian verbs, curiosities about the Italian language, Italian culture, ecc.

* More about our Youtube channel to learn Italian *

Our Youtube channel is for learners with long-term goals related with the Italian language. This is not a vlog and we don’t want to be cool. This channel is not about emotions nor spreading joy into the world – it is about results. Our goal is to help learners who really want and/or need to learn Italian. It is our mission to help these learners become proficient in Italian and speak fluent Italian. We don’t create our materials based on what is more funny – we create our materials based on what is more *effective*. Our priority is to provide learners with materials leading to successful language learning.
Rather than focusing on what users find more funny and entertaining, we focus on recent research on language acquisition and memory studies. In our vision, language learning is best conceived as an effective training based on a well-thought progression scheme. We strive to provide learners with structured, high-quality learning resources to learn Italian.

* More about * is a multi-channel platform designed to help learners learn Italian. On our webpage you can find free, high-quality resources to learn Italian. All content available on our webpage has been developed by the unlearningITALIAN team to provide learners with free courses, podcasts and videos to learn Italian. We DON’T sell anything, we don’t promote third-party language learning materials, we don’t offer paid lessons and we don’t ask you any money. If you find this webpage useful, you are welcome to use it, share our links and follow us on other channels as well. Remember: our only goal is to help learners learn Italian. We have created this page to meet the needs of learners looking for free, research-based learning materials to learn Italian. unlearningITALIAN was created to fill in this gap for free, high-quality, professional content to learn Italian. Our priority #1 is to provide learners with effective learning content leading to long-term, succesful language learning. Our goal is to provide learners with different type of learning materials to learn Italian and/or improve their Italian. On our webpage you can find: videos to learn Italian, audio podcasts to learn Italian, web-based courses to learn Italian, exercises to learn Italian and in general self-study resources to learn Italian and/or improve your Italian. Our webpage is for serious learners looking for professional content. We want to be clear: our platform is NOT for people who want to learn Italian in 5 minutes. We developed this page having in mind learners who are willing to put in their time to see massive, long-term results. If you are looking for a “quick fix” to learn Italian overnight, perhaps you should look elsewhere.

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