Amnesia causes and symptoms – treatment

Amnesia is a disease associated with partial or total loss of memory, both spontaneous and temporary, so long and permanent. Memory can return in chronological order or on the principle of the most vivid memories.
Causes and symptoms of amnesia.
The causes of amnesia are of two main types – organic and psychological. Organic causes are associated with injuries, brain and nervous system diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction, as well as with the action of antidepressants, hypnotics and psychotropic substances.
Psychological causes of the disease are psychogenic and are usually associated with mental trauma and stress.
Causes of amnesia can be craniocerebral injuries, encephalitis, stroke and intoxication, as well as suffocation, poison gas poisoning, ischemia and hypoxia.
If the disease is gradually growing, then it can be associated with pathological disorders and degenerative processes in the brain, the development of tumors and the manifestation of mental illness. Short-term memory loss often occurs due to disorders of cerebral circulation, seizures of epilepsy and acute migraine.

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