Pre-Sleep Study Aid for Memory Retention & Super Learning – Isochronic & Binaural

This audio is based on research which states that sleeping after processing new information may contribute to greater memory retention.

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Memory Consolidation in The Brain

The process of creating a memory occurs in 3 phases: acquisition, consolidation and recall. Acquisition is the initial attempt to absorb the information; consolidation is the neurological mechanism of committing the info to memory, and recall is the ability to access the memory later on.

Studying directly before a night of sleep can be likened to instructing the sleeping brain what to consolidate to mid – long term memory. It’s during sleep that our brains form the necessary pathways for optimal retention. Research suggests that when consolidation occurs soon after acquisition, the initial attempt to learn, recall is dramatically improved.

We can understand why this works by briefly explaining the physiology of memory; that is, how it’s processed in the brain. During the daytime, our memories are predominantly processed in the hippocampus. This area is most active when we are awake. However, the cortex of the brain is also crucial for forming new memories. This area becomes very active when we fall asleep, even during a short nap.

Engaging the cortex area of our brains shortly after acquiring new information, i.e. while revising for an exam may further encourage the final, crucial step of consolidation.


Each session lasts 90 minutes, with the first 60 minutes dedicated to study/learning, and the final 30 for deep relaxation and induction of sleep.

Choose between isochronic tones (00:00:00) and binaural beats (1:30:00).

This session differs from a lot of our other study aids in that the frequencies actually descend slowly over time from Beta to Alpha. A lot of beta/gamma study aids can leave you feeling a little amped-up after listening, which we’d like to avoid for this session. What we want instead is a nice balance between focus and relaxation.

Beginning at beta 15 Hz we step down in 1hz increments, finally settling at 10.2hz after 20 minutes or so. In addition to actual sleep, the induction of alpha brainwaves has also been shown to assist in with memory recall.


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