Some Interesting and Amazing General Knowledge Information | Urdu Hindi

Some Interesting and Amazing General Knowledge Information | Urdu Hindi.
This video is about some amazing general knowledge information which can blow your mind. This video contains some interesting information about human body like the number of bones in a common adult human body and new born babies and the amount of Iron, Fat and Salt in a human body and the effect of smelling sense on our Long-Term Memory.
This video also contains some mind blowing information about Seahorse and Kangaroo giving birth to thier babies, Gender recognition in birds, types of Mosquito, an Amazing characteristic of Date Plam, Laying eggs of an Ostrich, Value of Salt in Ancient Rome and the Roman myth about Romulus and Remus who were raised by a she wolf when they were infants. In this Video we will also know about The Black Death; A kind of Plague that spread in almost the whole word in 14th Century killing approximately one fourth of the population of the World. So watch and Enjoy!

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