BE CAREFULL!! TOP 6 Physical Symptoms of Mental Illness

studies have proven that mental illnesses can occur themselves in a variety of ways physically, as properly changing behavior (risk-taking and mistaken diet) which can effect overall health and lead

to complications or a shortened lifespan. Here are 6 physical symptoms that can be attached to a mental illnes :
1. Obesity,
A publish at the U.S. country wide Library of medicine website explains that people with severe

mental illness (SMI) such as bipolar disease and schizophrenia may be at higher risk for achieving unhealthy body mass, analyzing as 30 or higher on a body mass index.

2. Fatigue,
Insomnia will likely only lead to feeling more tired. Depression and chronic fatigue syndrome are often mistaken for each other, but may exist at the same time, points out other sources.

3. Chronic Pain,
The school also notes that those with chronic pain are at 3 times higher risk for developing psychiatric problems, while those with depression are 3 times more likely to develop associated chronic pain.

4. Tics and Twitches,
Tics are said to be a controllable response to an urge to contract muscles, while twitches are generally involuntary spasms. Calm Clinic points to the connection between mental suffering and
twitches from anxiety affecting something as small as a finger or as large as your entire leg.

5. Sinus Problems,
Sinusitis itself can be troublesome, as it causes feelings of always being stuffed up or causing pressure in the facial area. This is another case where depression can trigger a physical ailment,
which in turn intensifies your feelings of sadness, making the ailment tougher to cope with.

6. Nausea,
The findings were based a study in Norway involving 62,000 subjects. While 48-percent of respondents noted they had some gastrointestinal complaints, a psychiatric scale assessment showed 41-percent of those who reported major nausea had an anxiety disorder, and 24-percent were clinically depressed.

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