Benefits of Tongkat Ali for Woman

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Benefits of Tongkat Ali For Women

1. Getting Fatter or Losing Weight
Weight gain commonly shows itself in women or man affected by low testosterone particularly around the area of the abdomen, for instance, gradual increase in body fat. In fact, many research pointing low testosterone a leading cause of midlife weight gain in women and men.

The weight gain associated with reduced levels of testosterone in women may also present alongside other noticeable changes in physiology of women with diminishing testosterone levels also experience huge changes in muscle tone and bone density, which can have a significant impact on the appearance and character of the body. Aging woman size, muscle and bone loss is much more significant than men.

2. Hair Loss
Hair loss is one of the more visual symptoms of low testosterone, as it supports healthy hair reproduction and preservation. This symptom most often manifests in intermittent hair cover on the head, or even hair loss in women. Woman with thinning hair or losing a lot of hair after childbirth or menopause, having restore your testosterone will increase your hair natural production.

3. Feeling Lethargy
Women with decreased testosterone levels often notice a sudden drop in their energy levels. This can manifest in several ways; you may have a hard time finding the energy to get out of bed in the morning, or you just may feel drained of energy throughout the day. Physical activities which don’t normally make her fatigue may leave her feeling spent or tired, and may struggle to get through what would otherwise be a normal day.

One of the telltale signs that your chronic fatigue may have an underlying cause (and could therefore be related to low testosterone levels) is unalleviated by plenty of sleep.

3. Interrupted Sleep
Low testosterone levels in women can also interrupt normal sleep patterns. For instance, women may suffer bouts of sleeplessness, sleep apnea, or struggle with frequent waking and other sleeping disturbances during the night. As a good night sleep is the most important time for our body to heal and repair, itself a bad night sleep may cause plenty other of complications, a balance level of testosterone is needed to restore this condition.

4. Low Libido and Anorgasmia

When testosterone is low, women experience more unexpected sexual changes including reduced libido and a general indifference in sexual confidence. This is because testosterone plays an enormously important role in sexual stimulation in both men and women who are suffering from deficiencies will naturally have a decreased interest in sex.

Anorgasmia the inability to have orgasms, is a common indication for women with tumbling testosterone levels. This difficulty with achieving pleasure from sex is usually accompanied by a drastic drop in libido.

5. Osteoporosis

Bone weakening is another common result of low testosterone in both men and women, though this symptom typically affects woman more than men as woman has less testosterone. Testosterone plays an important role in bone production and maintenance along with calcium and magnesium, of the leading causes of osteoporosis, a medical condition which affects woman over 50 after menopause.

6. Anxiety and Depression.
Depression, mood swings, and anxiety can be caused by decreased testosterone levels. These symptoms occur because the hormone helps regulate more than just energy levels and libido; it also plays an important role in mood stabilization, mental focus and enthusiasm. A body full of energy and strength will positively affect our mind. Low androgen levels in women include a generalized lack of motivation and a loss of interest in physical activities in turn affect your mood.

Several studies link a decrease in normal levels to increased anxiety, which can, in extreme cases, cause symptoms like panic attacks. Again, these symptoms occur because testosterone plays an important role in mood and hormonal fluctuations can cause changes in brain chemistry that trigger symptoms.

7. Irregular periods

The sudden drop in the testosterone hormone can also cause changes in womans menstruation in older women, and in women with severely exhausted levels of testosterone, it is possible to miss periods. While women and men naturally experience decreases in their testosterone levels over time, beginning in their late teens or early 20s, in woman menstrual irregularities are a sign that the problem has progressed to the point where treatment might be needed with restoring testosterone levels.

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