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For Sleep, meditation and Studying.

Sleep well and Heal ::: Good music make you sleep well and heal both mentally and physically

1. When we listen to music our brain releases dopmaine which is a feel good chemical essential for the healthy functioning of the central nervous system; it has effects on emotion, perception and movement.

2. Music is proven to physiologically affect heart rate, breathing and pulse rate resulting in physical chills of pleasure. A study was undertaken by Dr Mike Miller of Baltimore, who measured the effects of music on the cardiovascular system by measuring blood vessel size before, during and after music playing. When a patient liked the music playing, the blood vessels relaxed and opened up.

3. Music lifts mood, reduces anxiety, raises motivation and helps combat insomnia and depression. A recent study by Stanford University shows that depressed patients gain self-esteem and their mood improves after music therapy.

4. Music physically heals – yes really. Fabien Maman, a musician and acupuncturist, devised the Tama-Do Academy based on his extensive research that showed that human blood cells respond to sound frequencies by changing color and shape. His findings demonstrate sick or rogue cells can be healed or harmonized with sound.


1. Most people are exhausted. Fatigue is epidemic. Lack of adequate sleep is one cause. Nutritional imbalances are the other important cause, and are discussed in several articles on this website such as Restoring The Body’s Energy System. Studies by American, British and Australian Traffic Safety Agencies report that 20%-30% of traffic fatalities involve a fatigued driver. If you need coffee, soda pop, chocolate or other stimulants to get going in the morning or keep going, perhaps you are not getting enough sleep.Prolonged fatigue contributes to nutritional imbalances that may not be so easily undone by just sleeping. However, rest and sleep are still important steps as part of a total nutritional balancing program.

2. All healing requires extra sleep. During the day, one primarily uses the sympathetic autonomic nervous system. It is associated with spending energy and tearing down the body. This is balanced by the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system, which is associated with rest, nurturing and regeneration of body tissues. This is equally important. The parasympathetic activates primarily when one is resting. One may call it maintenance and repair time. If you skimp on regenerative activity by not sleeping enough, physical and mental performance suffers, as well as one’s work and relationships. Illness develops because there is not enough time to repair damaged tissues in the body.

3. Chronic illness requires extra rest and sleep. If you have any type of health condition, extra rest and sleep are essential to recover or even to maintain your health.

4. Detoxification and rebuilding the body require plenty of rest. Elimination of toxins, an issue for everyone, occurs primarily at night while the body rests. The removal process requires energy and one’s energy is finite. If you use most or all of your energy running around all day, and do not sleep enough, you will not detoxify the body well.

5. Most emotional processing occurs during sleep. Often, during the day, thought processes are not completed due to interruptions or other distractions. The mind completes these processes during sleep. You may notice that problems that seemed difficult are less daunting or even solved after a good night’s rest. This can be due to increased energy, but is also due to actual problem-solving that goes on during sleep. Processing of past traumas and old issues also often take place during the sleep state.

In summary, there is no substitute for sleep. Also, sleep is anything but a waste of time. It is an essential part of each person’s daily life that can also be a rich time of not only rejuvenation, but of insights and other healing processes

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