How ‘Decision Fatigue’ Erodes your Willpower (& What to Do About It!)

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“Decision Fatigue”: Your brain can only make a certain number of choices and decisions before it ‘shuts down’. (More below.) Coffee with Colleen: a video series to help you grow in self-confidence, peace, and joy. No makeup. Haven’t done my hair. No script. Just me, my morning thoughts, and my first cup of coffee of the day!

Decision Fatigue can be compared to muscle fatigue! If you “flex” your decision muscle too much, it will shut down. But there’s a couple of ways to fix that.

First is glucose. Your brain uses glucose to make decisions. Make sure you’re eating properly — complex carbs and proteins that “slow release” throughout the day. Or, a piece of fruit if you’re feeling foggy! (Stay away from sugary snacks — not very useful if you’re on a diet!)

Second is to make a plan. I love making lists!

Third: develop a simplified daily plan, including your wardrobe. Learn more about that with this series on how to build a Capsule Wardrobe:

In this series, I teach you HOW to build a capsule wardrobe with only 22 pieces… and those pieces will mix and match so that you’ll have hundreds of outfits!!!

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Are there tricks YOU use to overcome decision fatigue?

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