My Stage 4 Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Experience

This is my adrenal fatigue story. I am currently in stage 3 of adrenal fatigue but I was at stage 4.

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My symptoms:
Panic attacks
Heart palpitations
Hair loss
Extreme tiredness
Chronic fatigue
Nerve pain
Cold hands and feet
Blurred vision
Feeling of doom
Fast heart rate

How to get better:
1) Bed by 9pm, sleep 8-10 hours
2) Remove all stress
3) Relax and meditate
4) No sugar, alcohol, or caffeine
5) Eat organic as much as you can
6) Eat eggs, butter, and meat to get cholesterol (to build hormones).
7) Don’t go on vacation or drive for hours
8) Use a chiropractor to realign the body
9) Eat fermented foods to rebuild gut
10) Check cortisol, free T3, and free T4 levels. You can order saliva test online.
11) Call Dr Lam

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Below are supplements I use and have helped me on the road to recovery. I have spent thousands trying to find the right ones.

Iron (for low red blood count)

Medicinal mushrooms (rebuild the body)

Liquid B vitamins (rebuild adrenals)

Collagen (hair, nails, heal gut)

Coconut oil (essential)

Bone broth (heal gut, micronutrients)

Colostrum (rebuild body)

Vitamin D (nerve health, hormone building)

Omega 3s (brain, heart, and body)

Multivitamin (easy to digest)

Kefir (heal gut)

Fermented saurkraut (heal gut)

Fermented pickles (heal gut)

Kombucha (heal gut)

Apple cider vinegar (increases nutrient absorption)

Himalayan salt (rebuild adrenals)

Nutritional yeast (energy)

Manuka honey (energy)

Probiotics (for panic attacks)

Probiotics (heal gut)

Glutathione (antioxidant)

Blue Green algae (antioxidant)

Iodine (1 drop on stomach, brush to dry)

Posture pump (realign neck curve)

Disclosure – I am not a doctor or a medical professional. This information is for educational purposes only. You must seek a professional to determine your specific conditions and develop a personal treatment plan.

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