Recover All Your Energy, Improve Your Sexual Performance And Your Memory With This Vegetable

Recover All Your Energy, Improve Your Sexual Performance And Your Memory With This Vegetable

Its effects are much more noticeable and potentiated on the problems of fatigue, sexual potency and fertility of both sexes. In addition black maca improves memory and stress.

Maca is a root that is used as a food and home remedy since the time of the Inca civilization . It is native to Peru and has spread all over the world for its great properties to cure different ailments and diseases. Know in the following article what are the benefits of maca in your health.


From white to yellow, the roots are transformed into Maca Amarilla (corresponding to 60% of the annual crop)

Light pink to deep purple becomes Maca Roja powder (corresponds to 25% of the annual
Light gray to dark gray Powder roots of Black Maca (corresponds to 15% of the annual crop)

It is important to note that the color of the roots is mainly found on the skin (similar to the common radish). Which means that the colors of the actual powders vary only slightly.

The Black Maca enhances the effects of regular maca. It increases physical and sexual endurance, female and male fertility, mental concentration (cognitive ability, learning, and resistance to stress). It should be noted that Maca is a millennial food, which has proven a variety of benefits and has a large record of proven food safety.

In the summer of 2011 in Lima Peru, two researchers from the Cayetano Heredia University argued that black maca improves sperm production and promotes cognitive processes in humans.

Biologist Jessica López pointed out that black, vegetable maca growing in very high parts of the Andes can reverse the alteration in the production of sperm produced by exposure to lead contamination and also decreases stress and anxiety.

The number of sperm produced by men has declined considerably in the last hundred years. And maca could help reverse this phenomenon in male reproductive physiology.

In the case of female fertility, another study showed that it helps strengthen the endometrium by avoiding embryonic loss, improves ovarian quality by ensuring embryo quality, even when the mother is subjected to adverse situations such as poor nutrition.

Maca can reverse damage caused by degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and boost cognitive functions like memory and concentration.


-It has a marked effect on fatigue increasing the physical resistance of 3 to 4 times greater to another type of stretcher
-Increases physical sexual and mental performance
-Improves memory, concentration, and learning
-Avoid stress, fatigue, and good mood
-Improves fertility of both sexes
-Increases sperm count and motility
-Improves the quality of ovaries in women.

Mode of consumption of this excellent vegetable:

The best way to consume it is a spoonful of black maca powder mixed with the juice of an orange, as vitamin C fixes its properties in the body.

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