RLX (Relax)– stronger than stress



The unique composition of RLX drops will not only calm you down, give you confidence and help you to rally your thoughts, but will also saturate your body with essential vitamins and minerals, while maintaining the health of nerve cells.
Due to the fast pace of modern life we have to plan, make decisions and choices and take responsibilities every minute of our day. Constant tension leads to fatigue and apathy – ourbody fails and switches to protection mode. Spontaneously arising feelings of indifference, helplessness, and anxiety are sure signs of stress! This means your body needs help!

APL offers you a unique novelty, created by popular demand of our clients and Partners: RLX drops that help you overcome any nervous breakdowns and provide you with optimal amount of vitamins and minerals. We studied a variety of ways to deal with stress – and as always chose the most effective and natural way! A new product of Acumullit SA series – RLX drops – is a unique complex of plant extracts which helps cope with any signs of stress protecting the body against its negative effects.

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