Update & Dealing with Exhaustion from Chronic Anxiety/Stress – VLOG 2018 #1



Vlog about my sensitisation recovery progress and exhaustion.

The exhaustion or fatigue felt from a sensitised nervous system is, as Dr. Claire Weekes describes, “a tiredness beyond tiredness.” Only those who have experienced this will truly understand what this depleted state of nervous exhaustion feels like. It is not like regular exhaustion that can be solved quickly through sleeping 9 hours or napping during the day.

Recovery Tools:
– Lower your stimulation: eliminate or reduce screen usage (especially phone, social media, dramatic TV shows/movies/games) & reduce stimulant intake (food or drinks with lots of caffeine or sugar)
– Get proper sleep & relaxation time throughout the day.
– Do not add second layer of fear or stress through worrying or fixating on how you feel!! Realise that this exhaustion is a normal part of your recovery and let it go!

Live more like a monk if you want. Most importantly – listen to your body! Rest when you NEED to rest. Do not push or force yourself to do anything when your body is screaming out at you that you are DEPLETED! Treat yourself the same way you would treat your mobile phone – allow it to fully recharge before unplugging it.
Flooding exposure should only be done to overcome the fear part of the anxiety disorder (panic & agoraphobia), and you should always be MINDFUL of the state of your body and mind. If your nervous system is super stirred up, do NOT force yourself to do anything or you’re simply depleting yourself of more and more stress hormones & energy!
Float on through anything with extreme patience & acceptance.

– Chrissie

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