【YOHIOloid】Reclusive Repetition【Daltons: Classic (Pt 5; finale)】



wooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ooooooooooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
you know the drill

before i uh! get into the story i need to talk about something. it rarely happens but it’s the reason i was scared of uploading this video and put it off for so long. (i had it finished around a day after part 4) every now and then i’ll get a comment mentioning GHOST, which is fine in and of itself, but it would really mean a lot to me if you didn’t uh, you know, compare me to them? i understand that we use the same types of instruments and stuff but it makes me really anxious sometimes? i’ve only gotten two comments but that could just be the beginning, and it’s part of the reason i’m taking a mini-hiatus (that and actual mental health issues, i guess i need to prepare myself for attention because, you know) but yeah, please don’t, i was scared of uploading this video because of the pose the main character of the song is in. they have similar designs(clothes and body type) but in no way was i trying to copy off of anything, i already changed antoine’s design to look less like any other character i could think of

ok story time!

Antoine Romano Immormino (aka Carina Daltonna, sometimes written as Daltonni) was the first nonbinary member of the Daltons & Daltonna and the third Capo Bastone (underboss) of the mafia as well. They use they/them pronouns, but if those pronouns are unavailable in the language being spoken, the “masculine” coded pronouns may be used. Despite this, their masculine-ish sort of look and demeanor, and rejection of femininity, they would not allow Antoine to become Capofamiglia, and shoved them into the feminine category of the Daltons. They were born May 24th, 1944.

Working for the mafia, Antoine was silent, a tad stalkerish, and violent. Outside of work, they were fairly friendly and sweet, and most likely one of the most open-minded people you would’ve met who was even affiliated with the mafia in the 1960’s. Martina taught them a lot of things but even she was unnerved by Antoine’s “confused and heavy-handed” demeanor when it came to violence. “They had no face, it seemed like. No emotions to speak of.”

As Capo Bastone, Antoine was rarely ever listened to until threatened. They tried all kinds of tips and tricks but learned that if you threaten to kill someone they’ll listen, regardless of what or who you are. Due to lack of being listened to, the trauma of murdering a bunch of people (including entire families), and fear of going to prison, Antoine suffered a mental breakdown and committed suicide in the late 60’s. They were only 24.

that’s the end of daltons classic! however, there is more to the daltons as a whole !! the classic chapter was mainly for worldbuilding, to see how the daltons have evolved as a whole. stay tuned for daltons: modern in the near future! now to think of lyrics…


eventually, i’m sorry, i’ll do it when i have more energy!

i’ve noticed my songs are on the vocaloidlyrics wiki, i really hope they don’t mind me tweaking things every now and then just for a smidgen more information! (and if any of the editors on my songs are reading this, feel free to ask as well, i love talking with people!)

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