California Dreams


[Verse 1]

california dreamin
i must warn ya
i’m scheming
i’m leaning on memories of a broken home
to try to appease ya
i feel ya
not pleased, man
why you fiendish
lean in
i got a secret to tell
can you please keep it
we spent many days looking at the sky
parents asked us how we pass the time
laugh at lies
they killed our dreams
searching for an alibi
catch the vibe
i sever ties
you terrorize
my memories
are specialized
my enemies are paralyzed
and i know heaven sent for me
what’s coming next
won’t you riddle me that
i’m not feeling your energy
sent me a text
says i’m bigger than that
i’m done with all this rap shit
let me try to rap quick
i’m going crazy man i’m batshit
i’m savage
stella made the beat i attack it
we spent many days looking at the moon
thought we were cool
smoke a blunt
so we could break all the rules
it’s cool

[Verse 2]

california dreams
man i wish i could escape
what you waiting for man
you know you make your own faith
and i remember when i was younger
my momma told me i could be anything
told me i could be anything
i don’t wanna hear anything
i hear angels singing in my ear
got keep up with appearances
got supreme i got on clearance
does it matter?
i don’t care the people shout but i can’t hear it
chasing dreams
living a nightmare
do you fear it?
chasing fame
i’m nowhere near it
i just wanna be important
reaching for the stars
but i’m ignoring endorsements
from the people i love the most
i’m trying to rock the boat
i’m electing to stay myself
i don’t think that i’ll ever vote
i’m losing faith in my country
i’m losing faith in this money
the state of this quote on quote free nation disgusts me
it’s funny
don’t even discuss me
give me 5 years
i’ll be in your company
wait till then
don’t try to run from me
tell me what’s at stake
everything is everything
stop eating off my plate
profit off the people
man i thrive off all the hate
live inside your mind
and life is what you make it
let’s go right back to basics
man i’m faded


i’m just tryna be something special
i got a lot to say
so let me get this off my mental
california dreams

[Verse 3]

california dreams
i’m a shell of my former self
this is all about evolution
i’m soarin past astro belt
im reaching out for the stars
i’m asking my god for help
i’m an atheist right
then why do i not play the cards i am dealt
i remember i felt a feeling deep inside of me
the health of a society is dependent on the mother had all her pride in me
it’s time to be something
came from nothing
i’m running from truths
look out for your future
look out for the youth
capital murder
watch out
for the noose
you made a mistake
letting monster go loose
i aim and i shoot
bang bang
you should rob and i loot
rock and i juke
got people asking what’s the matter with you
i create my own truth
gotta erase the past
you’re living last
escape the old view
i’m wearing masks
inflate the facts
you gotta lace ya own shoes
i’m feeling like a prototype
i’m feeling like i overhype
i’m feeling like i own the mic
i’m feeling like my destiny
is definitely
an oversight
you think I’m flowing fast man you should see me on my motorbike
let’s shift the paradigm
while in anaheim
get my bitches so wet
all my clocks on maritime
these are california dreams

[Verse 4]

and i’m fine
i’m i’m feeling so alive right now
i might cry
i think i
i might feel inside right now
it’s a vibe
i’m just living out my life right
it’s a crime
i think i might never die right now
i feel like im fading
no i dont need saving
being honest i think this is all a mistake
lost in the matrix
i’m losing my patience
i’m questioning
whether i know what it takes
i feel like i’m breaking
always chase greatness
ever since i lost you
im never the same
but god took you away
when i’m lost now i pray
these are the sentiments of my faith
fork in the road, it’s time to go straight
lost in world that’s word to kanye
recusing myself for things that i say
im gonna be fine, the pain goes away
baptized in the rain
i’m feeling invincible
collect all residuals
feeling so spiritual
feel all the lyricals
no I’m not typical
feel all the mysticals
ice on my wrist
all on on shit
collecting a check
collect it real quick
hear all your answers
they making me sick
remember all the times with you
all the cries with you
lies with you
i think i wanna die with you
soar the clouds, kiss the sky with you
feel the wind on my face
kiss the earth, say a prayer, i wanna feel safe
tell me i’ll be okay
miss the times that we had
memories go away
contradicting myself
i think it’s time that we lay
sometimes i drink to forget
sometimes i smoke to remember
do you recall the day in that not too distant september
it was maybe december
your hands were cold as ice
life is never nice, right?
let’s go away to paradise

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