Mastering Fear – Sue Curr | Journeys with the No Schedule Man, Ep. 69 – The question this week is: what are you afraid of? We are going to dive deeply into that today and give you some tools to overcome it.

Today, we kick off the 3rd season of this podcast with Sue Curr, who helps people to “Fear Less, Live More” as a speaker, coach and workshop facilitator.

This Sue’s second time joining me on this program. I encourage you to go back and listen Episode 23, where Sue goes into great detail about the first 50 years of her life, her descension in to mental ill health and near fatal bout with alcoholism. Having survived the trauma of her past, Sue set about rebuilding her life. What you’re going to hear today is the result, and it’s profound.

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Kevin is creating positive change by empowering people to be R.E.A.L (Resourceful, Effective, Authentic Leaders) so that they may achieve and enjoy sustainable growth, creativity and fulfillment both personally and professionally.

He does that as a Professional Speaker, Certified Life & Executive Coach and Host of “Journeys with the No Schedule Man,” a podcast available worldwide on iTunes, Stitcher and various other outlets.

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“I think my exact words were, ‘I feel like I could lift a building right now,’ because I was just so empowered by your presentation … It blew me out of the water.’”
– Stephanie McGill, Executive Director,
Brain Injury Association of London & Region

“I really admire the way Kevin takes his message and connects it with audiences. I’ve seen him do this and he’s got such a personal and such a profound human style to him where you really feel he’s only talking to you.”
– Gair Maxwell, International Speaker & Author
TEC Canada’s “Speaker of the Year” (2012)

“Being on Kevin’s podcast was an amazing experience for me. I gravitate to authenticity and Kevin is as real as they come.”
– Cornell Thomas, Speaker, Author & Coach

“I really enjoyed talking to Kevin on his podcast. He’s a great guy and I hope we can talk again, many times”
– Kevin O’Hara,

“It was a true delight to be interviewed by Kevin. It was more like a comfortable easy going fireside chat. Kevin doesn’t just fire away a list of questions and hear what you have to say, he really listens from the heart. Thank you Kevin.”
– Jason Stephenson,

“Kevin made me feel right at home. His engaging manner showed he was sincerely interested in hearing our story.”
– David Ciccarelli – CEO,

“Kevin’s energy is contagious and a blessing in my life’”
– Maria Laura Gaspar

“Kevin has the energy of an Energizer bunny while having the patience of the best friend you could ever ask for. I don’t know how he does it.”
– Cheryl Parker

“As a trusted and authentic friend and mentor Kevin challenges, guides and encourages you to look at what you can do to win at the game of life. “
– Lynda Oosthuizen

“Kevin, you are a beam of cosmic light blasting through the galaxy. And your light is so bright and warming.”
– Sarah Corey

“Thanks Kevin, for showing up! You are doing amazing things and stretching, being vulnerable putting your whole self into what you do is very apparent … You are so right. We cannot do it alone.”
– Nancy Rose

“I really love how you so willingly share every part of your journey to help others – thank you! ”
– Rachel Jenkins

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