“SKY GAZING. 11.02.2018.”



“SKY GAZING. 11.02.2018.” https://youtu.be/R8crPZWI5Rg
“SKY GAZING SUPER FAST BLAST… 11.02.18” https://youtu.be/IwYwzsW1JHg (normal speed @ https://youtu.be/R8crPZWI5Rg ).

“STARRY NIGHT, SKY WATCH & CHAT. ” 11.02.2018. https://youtu.be/M6i2D8zFpBM .

“RANTING AT THE SYSTEM PLUS WOOD SKY WATCHING AT SUNSET. 09.02.2018.”. https://youtu.be/Y0PYmSfgoc0.

“MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS, & THE SYSTEM. ♡. UK. 08.02.18″ https://youtu.be/g6VJDOSHWMk . From side effects of form filling, and going up against the system in order to receive any ”help”at all- verses working for our sustenance through life. This was a very difficult video to make, however i did the best job that i could for you all here. Through the love and strength of Christ i am here, sharing with you

“SKY GAZING. 11.02.2018.” https://youtu.be/R8crPZWI5Rg

“STAR GAZING & CHAT. ” 11.02.2018. https://youtu.be/M6i2D8zFpBM .
“RANTING AT THE SYSTEM PLUS WOOD SKY WATCHING AT SUNSET. 09.02.2018.”. https://youtu.be/Y0PYmSfgoc0.

“PORNOGRAPHY & SEXUAL HEALTH VERSES EXTREMITIES ETC.. ” SKY EDIT – https://youtu.be/Us9We3GQqd0. 05.02.18 AND same topic, but this edit is in the house, filmed with extra, however i also have an adit with my words on a backdrop of wonderful skies- if interested check out the comments or info below this video link, for the sky edit instead of this one,where i look awful !!! : https://youtu.be/nP6_rTRxmIY .

“PEOPLE PLEASER SYNDROME, MORGELLONS & MORE.. 29.01.2018. https://youtu.be/HDiK0aa_NZQ


MIND CONTROL & HEALING. 24-25.01.2018″ Discussing topics including family politics, intent behind actions taken, mind control and mass brainwashing, the drama series ”Once upon a time”, & ”Lost” and much more…. https://youtu.be/UKvr9i_fOgg

“DID, SWITCHING, DEPRESSION & LIFE.. 15.01.18” Although only short, and despite feeling pretty low, i did end up talking about a fair bit in this video, its edited as near the end i had a mammothly long pause that i chopped most of out, i almost did not make this public, but decided to in the end, as it is important to me to try and share not just the good times, or life when i am feeling good, but also life when things feel harder too. Thanks for watching, peace and love be with you- Nx https://youtu.be/5tcqYDa3_Tc .

“SUNSET IN THE WOODS ON MY ROCK (& BIRDS TO). ♡. ♡ . 26.01.2018” https://youtu.be/OU9i1P-XgBE.

Praise be to Jesus Christ for the love, healing, and greater understandings that come with the journey we take on our pathways through our life’s. Amen.

“CAT VET FUND RAISER ” On the 02.10.17, our beautiful ex rescue cat, Isabelle was almost fatally hit & injured by a car. Left paralysed with a fully broken pelvis, pushed away from her spine, she needed nursing & some serious healing if to walk again. Despite the grim prognosis, & against the odds we did it, now she is bouncing around, happy & healthy as recent videos show!

From the time in the vets, to her discharge and progress since…. October the month that changed this little already rescued cats life, from her first ever time of peace and love, into one of pain and recovery… with one consistency she never experienced before- peace and love, remained… As a result she has left the vet stunned as medically she is a miracle… sadly miracles don’t pay vets bills, if you can help, even just £5.00 would be amazing, https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/7ZbvpaK6DZ.

Isobelles progress from crash to present day ~ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLelHnUNfuqV3vL-sJXPZG8kKOAnpXo8p .
My videos cover overcoming trauma and abuse in the various forms it can come in, as well as understanding the reality around us in the world within which we are living and how mind controlled agendas and spiritual abuses are part and parcel of the challenges we need to overcome to be able to learn and grow for the better in this life we are living. Thanks, love, and prayers of good be with all. Love Nina xx

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