Love Or Above Program Review

The Love or Above Program Review Masterclass with Christie Marie Sheldon will Show You How to Change Your Vibrations to Change Your Life. This is a complimentary event and is filled with resources on how you can raise your vibrations.

Christie Marie Sheldon is an author and a life coach. She has helped many people from different walks of life find and release their blocks. By doing so they can live a life with a more abundant flow and a less negativity.

During this Mindvalley Masterclass she will share with you 4 ways to keep your vibrations at a higher level. She will also guide you through a high frequency group meditation. You will learn about tools you can use such as the energy radar and the Blessing Ball of light exercise.

Also, by attending you will get a good Love or Above program review. You will learn how and what Christie Marie Sheldon teaches and find out if her message fits your needs.

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