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So my story begins with Love… Love for cats, nature, art and My infinite Love for Writing: ♥
As for me, there are many missions and goals to be achieved in this life…
1. The most powerful one is to spread Love wherever I go and whatever I do, bringing my own positive impact to the environment, nature and people around me… Spreading Love can take multiple forms, like art, painting, and of course, my favorite form of expression- Writing… Touching people’s hearts with my words, stories and writing… This is something I feel truly addicted to…
2. How I grow myself to this path? It all started in 2008 when I joined an NGO devoted to the protection of nature and sustainable agriculture. I started volunteering there, helping in the creation of flower book as a writer, learning and growing each and every day. Blending my interest in ecology and my great Passion for Tourism I applied for a Master degree in Leisure, Tourism and Environment at Wageningen University and was selected. My years in Wageningen have taught me to be wise and tolerant towards the environment and people around me…
Spending two years far from my family, I started keeping a digital diary, recording my thoughts about issues that I felt concerned about and things that inspired me deeply… This is when I got truly obsessed with Writing… From that moment, my professional life turned into a new direction and I got immersed into variety of internships and work experiences as a Writer and learnt for myself that Words have a great power to touch people’s hearts and make a real difference in the world… Writing letters has been my beloved pastime for many years. My friends have even praised me for this and have asked me to write emotional letters to influence certain someone’s mind and soul. If you’d like to know how I came into the Writing field, you can read my blog post mentioned below:
http://cestlavielily.com/post/130754965461/benefits-of-free-time-during-unemployment .
By the way, that Blog post has impressed the Co-founder of One Europe so deeply that he asked me to publish it on their website.
On my path to growth, learning has been constantly there with me, giving a great pleasure and motivation in life.
3. I believe Lifelong learning is one of the tools to make us wiser and bring us closer to the essence of happiness. This is what precisely Mindvalley offers individuals like me: to learn and grow without physical barriers. No matter what national or ethnic background do you have, I believe we can be One if we show a little more patience towards each other and learn from one another. Between Mindvalley and me, there is a whole list of values that sounds in melodically. Tolerance and democracy, a decision not to put constraints based on cultural and national differences is one of those huge values unifying us two, and it is not surprising that Mindvalley is a 10-time winner of the World’s Most Democratic Workplace Award.

Eventually, if I can make use of my real Love for Words and help Mindvalley to grow also financially through writing sales letters, then why not? After all, there is so much beauty in doing a job that you feel truly engaged in…
I deeply feel that Mindvalley is a place that I have been looking for a very long time, a chance to work with amazing people from all over the world, joining a powerful Company that never ceases to impress, challenge myself, be mindful about who I am and make a real difference with the power of my Words.
Thank you and I look forward to hear from you soon!
PS: As a final note, I’d like to mention the video that I especially enjoyed watching and which remained firmly in my mind: “3 Ways to be Unfuckwithable”  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX7ms2k51rE&index=2&list=LLa0hNYSG69mKUEzECICOOVQ&t=331s
This new concept truly made my day and taught me one great thing: to be happy with the way you are, not trying to prove anything to anyone in this world.

Check out some of my written materials here:

Burg Hohenklingen- the Culinary Pearl of Stein am Rhein



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