Vishen on Dishonest Food Marketing

Today, one of the things we’re now beginning to wake up to is sugar.

Which is why Vishen was so adamant on giving this particular talk that he streamed live on Facebook for the world to see.

You see, the overwhelming scientific evidence is clearly indicating the harm sugar has on our bodies—especially in the quantities that we’re consuming today.

And sugar has been shown to be as addictive as nicotine or cocaine.
But here’s the worst part…

Junk food companies, worldwide brands we’re all familiar with, are continuing to use these style of advertising tactics to recommend what is essentially fake foods as healthy.

And it has contributed to a rise in obesity across the world in recent decades.

This past week, after reading a stunning New York Times exposé on how food companies were influencing nutrition research in South East Asia, Vishen decided to do some investigation on his own.

And he was shocked at what I discovered was going into the foods in his own country, Malaysia.

Foods that millions eat on a daily basis.

And the sad truth… Malaysia has become the fattest country in Asia as a result.

So, Vishen launched a video on Facebook exposing the sort of ingredients that goes into these “food-like” products.

And it clearly struck a nerve.

10 million people watched the viral video and it became the most talked about topic in Malaysia for that week — getting translated into multiple local languages.

But not surprisingly, the big food company wasn’t too pleased with being exposed online and tried to shut down the issue by sending out press releases denying what I had found.

The thing is, this issue is not about Vishen.

It’s far, far bigger than that.

It’s about the health and wellbeing of humanity as a whole.

And it’s something Vishen will strongly stand up for… No matter what.

So Vishen organized an event at our Mindvalley HQ to expose what Big Food is doing to people around the world.

For those of you who care about the food you eat and feed your children, and are on board to join this awareness campaign, I’d love for you to watch this and share the message.

Here are some of the things that Vishen covers in this 27-minute video (which also includes bestselling author, Dr. Mark Hyman and performance expert, Steven Kotler):

Why the ads of this European food company in South East Asia are borderline criminal;

How food companies create new names for sugar so consumers get confused even when reading labels — And end up creating new diseases;

A surprising story of what happened when a Big Food company tried to hire one of America’s top minds to figure out how to market sugary drinks to teens.

And much, much more.

Here’s the thing about this entire campaign.

One of these food companies Vishen exposed in this video has a billion a year advertising budget.

We don’t have that.

But we do have you.

So, if you believe that future generations should be able to enjoy a life of health and wellness, without being subjected to deceiving and horribly misleading advertising on fake junk food…

…Then spread the word and let your voice be heard.



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