My Brain Tumor Story (Part 1)

The story of how I went several years without realizing I had a 61 mm calcified brain tumor inside my head. The first symptom was the fact that I lost my sense of smell, then the headache started, and then my vision started to be impaired. My short-term memory started to be seriously affected, my personality changed for the worst, I started getting really tired and slept pretty much all day, and out of the blue one day I quit my ten-year career with Walmart for no reason at all! The brain tumor totally took over my life without me even realizing that’s what was going on. Then one day as I was walking my children home from school I went totally blind and it scared me so much that I started going crazy. Luckily a cop was driving by and realized something was going on with me so he took me to the hospital. After being locked in the insane ward of the hospital, my mom told the doctors that there something else going on with me and I wasn’t just going crazy. They did an MRI on me where my tumor was discovered. Several brain surgeons refused to operate on me because my tumor was so far gone. Then one brain surgeon agreed to do the surgery on me because I only had about three months left to live at this point… He said I have a very high chance of not surviving the surgery, but with my short life expectancy it wouldn’t hurt to try the surgery. And 11 hour surgery followed where my 61 mm calcified meningioma brain tumor was removed. After I woke up from my surgery, I was totally blind with optic nerve atrophy and that’s when the real battle began with the hallucinations and memory loss issues… This is my story…

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or an expert when it comes to brain tumor’s. Please do not use this video to self diagnose yourself. If you feel you might have a brain tumor or any other issues please see a qualified medical professional or speak with your doctor.

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