nswer the five questions attached Week 6 Marijuana Questions HE366 AO



nswer the five questions attached
Week 6
Marijuana Questions
HE366 AOD Study
1. Using information from the text and class power point, write out the pharmacology of marijuana using the pharmacology format taught in this class. Include, short term physical and psychological effects, long term physical and psychological effects, overdose, withdrawal.
2. Briefly explain conclusions from research for marijuana use and driving.(what kind of impairment from marijuana use might make driving dangerous, what do research reports from the DEA show)
Define amotivational syndrome and briefly explain conclusions from research for marijuana use and amotivational syndrome.
4. List 6 recognized medicinal uses for marijuana.
5. Is marijuana addictive? Explain the NIDA data that answers this question.
Make sure to use the DSM IV or V criteria to describe marijuana dependence.
Hallucinogen? Sedative hypnotic? Stimulant? Narcotic?
Cannabis sativa, sinsemilla, ganja, bhang, hashish, Marinol,
THC – delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol
cannabinoids and 360 chemical compounds
Short term psychological
Reaches brain in seconds, peak effect at about 30 minutes
giddiness, decreased judgement, relaxation, decreased concentration,
short term memory loss, time distortion, dream like state, exaggerated mood
hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, depersonification
Short term physical
Impaired eye tracking
dry mouth, increased appetite, increased heart rate, bronchodilator
bloodshot eyes, reduces pressure (glaucoma)
Why the munchies?
u201cThese findings indicate that endocannabinoids in the hypothalamus may tonically activate CB1 receptors to maintain food intake and form part of the neural circuitry regulated by leptin,
u201cThe endocannabinoid receptors such as CB1 are very widespread in the central nervous system,Cannabinoids have effects on memory, cognition, coordination, mood, pain sensation, s

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