BioDesign: The (R)evolution of Sustainable Fashion | Theanne Schiros | TEDxFIT

Algikngiknit and #growapair are rethinking textiles to join the (r)evolution of sustainable fashion. Using abundant, and repidly replenishing organisms -(such as) kelp, fungi, bacteria, utilization of argricultural waste, and traditional natural dyeing and tanning techniques, the FIT teams are creating sustainable textiles and footwear, free of synthetic and pero-chemicals, one (knit or pineapple fiber) stitch at a time. Theanne Schiros, PhD, teaches physics, chemistry and sustainability courses. She is a faculty advisor and co-chair for the international Biodesign Challenge at FIT, as well as the Columbia University Maker Space, guiding students on how to rethink textiles through technology, biology and sustainable design. Schiros is also a Research Scientist and diversity liaison at Columbia University, working collaboratively across the Center for Precision Assembly of Superstratic and Superatomic Solids to explore 2-D materials for next generation electronic devices and catalysts for clean energy applications. Schiros is engaged in international development work, such as off grid solar electrification projects in Haiti through Engineers without Borders and with the United Nations and the Economic Union of West African States, as well as the Finca Morpho Permaculture collective in Costa Rica. FULL BIO CAN BE FOUND AT TEDXFIT.COM This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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