Political campaigning in the digital age: Lucian Despoiu at TEDxBucharest



Lucian is a passionate entrepreneur determined to create meaningful connections between the political world and citizens. Where others see lies and false promises, Lucian strives for truths and earthbound programs. Where transparency, accountability and communication are found to be lacking, he throws in the tools and techniques to create a fair and effective link between politicians and citizens. It is for this reason exactly that he founded the two companies that promise to change the face of political communication — Majoritas, Technology and Media, and Kondiment Group, the leading European Interactive Agency.

Lucian is an influential persona in the political marketing world, having successfully led more than 20 political campaigns in Ghana, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Austria. Under his supervision and strategic thinking, the two companies have grown to offer full services and technologies to political parties, politicians and public institutions.
Equipped with surprising data, tools and insights, Lucian will take the stage with a global message on how voters can and should influence political parties in the new digital era. Be the leaders and creators of your own future!In the spirit of ideas worth spreading,

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