Shah Rukh Khan TEDTalks Speech in Bangla _ Bangla Motivational Video

Bangla Motivational speech of Bollywood super star Shah Rukh Khan. Recently, he gave an inspirational speech in tedx or TEDTalk, where he unfolded his success rules as an actor in film industry, his life lessons, how he achieve success in life, personal growth and family. How Shahrukh khan is the king of entertainment world.
He has a large amount of audience in Bangladesh and Kolkata, where there language is Bangla.This video is the speech of Shah Rukh Khan in Bangla. In this Bangla motivational video of Shahrukh khan TEDTalks speech, he said, What is success, and lecture about future,happiness,humanity,life, love. Cover up Shah Rukh Khan’s Bangla Biography, important quotes.He is the Idol and inspiration of million of people. He has given his speech in Yale University, TEDx and many other public speaking seminars. He is one of the best motivational public speaker in the world. In this video, you will get the way of success, life solution and inspiration for your goal. This is the Bengali translation of his TEDx speech and one of the best Bangla motivational & inspirational video.

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