Help! There Are Moths in My Parrots Food | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

Hello fans of feathered friends,
Today’s Parront Tip Tuesday tip is so simple yet so important and what I would call “soothing”…at least to know that there is a solution!

So whether you have come across this situation or not this is a good thing to know, not just for your parrots and parrot food but for your own house.

So every so often depending on the season, especially in the hot weather you may find the occasional moth in your parrots food or even small bugs in your parrots food. Do not be alarmed…do this….

Freeze your parrots food as soon as you bring it home, you do not even need to open the bag if you don’t want to, just buy it early, before you run out or buy multiple bags and freeze them. This way when you are ready to open a new bag of your parrots food it has already been frozen for a while and you wont need to worry about moths in your house and you may not need to put the bag back in the freezer because it has been there for a while. Even though most of the parrot food bags do have a tight seal. You can also move it to a tight closed jar if it makes you feel better or store it in that extra fridge you have in your garage.

This trick is used by so many and it works great. I hope this gives you a bit of piece of mind.

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