tmi: the circle

“I think we’re going to tear each other to shreds.”
“In return for what?”

valentine morgenstern – dan stevens
jocelyn fairchild – rose leslie
lucien graymark – damien molony
maryse trueblood – crystal reed
robert lightwood – steven strait
amatis graymark – nina dobrev
stephen herondale – oliver jackson-cohen
celine montclaire – sarah gadon

it’s not a perfect dream cast but I like them and they worked pretty well. rose and damien though are perfect for jocelyn and luke. big thanks to OfDurin’sFolk for suggesting crystal reed for maryse.

coloring: sapphire eyes by K-OfRoses
footage: city of bones, the guest, the secret circle, the covenant, gotham, being human, the great fire, the moth diaries, teen wlf, the last witch hunter, emerald city, the 9th life of louis drax, flatliners, the ticket, utopia, blood and chocolate, morgan, the wolf man, the vampire diaries, the 100, harry potter, shadowhunters, sticky notes, after, the mummy returns

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